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A graphical example of just some of the artists that are heavily represented in the Rock Omnibus Top 17,000 list.

How many of these artists have you heard the extended catalogs of? Rock Omnibus can fill in the gaps for you on these and hundreds of other significant artists over the last six decades.

Excamples of what Rock Omnibus can help unravel:
What were the best songs you never heard from a specific year?
What were the best 25 songs by The Who, in order, along with another 17 honorable mention?
Which eras had the best music?
Just how good were Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, The Byrds, Otis Redding, and The Four Seasons?
What were the best ten artists from Canada, in order?
What were the best seven albums by The Moody Blues, in order?
What were the top 25 easy listening artists, in order?
How do the U.S. and UK compare in terms of top artists?
Which two artists finished in the top 5 artists by decade in two different decades?
Who were the top 50 female solo artists?
What are the 1000 best albums, in order?
What are the 1000 best artists, in order?
What are the 5000 best songs, in order?

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